Anette Maiburg with her flute sitting on stairs

Music is a universal language that connects people from all cultures. It has the power to transcend barriers, promote understanding, and create an atmosphere of unity.


For Anette Maiburg, the cultural manager, the exchange between the arts and artists is at the center of her work. She considers these encounters as a central concern to discover new creative possibilities and transcend the boundaries between art forms.

By creating a platform where artists from different disciplines can come together, Anette Maiburg encourages dialogue and collaboration. She establishes a framework that serves as a starting point for creative development while allowing enough space for the individual ideas and talents of the participating artists.

A particular focus of Anette Maiburg's concert planning is to artistically present cultural spaces. She not only showcases classical musical works but also takes into account other music styles that are typical for the respective country or cultural region. This presentation enables the audience to immerse themselves in the sounds, rhythms, and melodies that are characteristic of the cultural space. It creates a connection to the emotions, traditions, and stories expressed in the music.

Anette Maiburg also aims to share this experience with schools. Through her workshop concept "songs around the world", she not only introduces the students to the music and cultural aspects of a specific country but also incorporates the unique instruments and authentic musicians from that region. This provides the students with an opportunity to explore the cultural space in a holistic and vibrant manner, actively participating in the process.


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Maiburg Ensemble

By combining classical, jazz, and world music, the musicians of the Maiburg Ensemble bring their individual artistic influences and experiences to reinterpret classical pieces in an innovative and exciting way. This results in new dimensions of tonal colors, rhythms, and improvisations, breathing fresh and contemporary life into classical works, enabling a vibrant and modern exploration of classical music.

As the project leader and flutist of the Maiburg Ensemble, Anette Maiburg coordinates the various elements of the programs. She works closely with authors, dancers, and artists from other disciplines to develop unique and innovative projects. By integrating literature, dance, or intercultural encounters, the ensemble creates an interdisciplinary platform that fosters exchange and collaboration between different artistic realms. This gives rise to fascinating and inspiring events that transport the audience into a world of creative diversity.

Anette Maiburg and her three collegues at Langen Foundation
Photo: Harry Vorsteher

Niederrhein Musikfestival

Artistic director Anette Maiburg, who initiated and shaped the festival, has now established diverse concert venues across the Lower Rhine region. Setting itself apart from other classical music series, the Niederrhein Musikfestival distinguishes itself through innovative new productions that Anette Maiburg spearheads, bringing forth surprising focal points that combine different art forms such as painting, street art, acting, or dance with music. Stemming from the classical genre, she creates connections to other musical genres like jazz, world music, and chanson.

The festival's primary aim is to introduce fresh ideas and perspectives through its concepts. Projects come to life through the collaboration of various artists from around the world, who collectively develop program ideas and inspire each other through open workshop processes. In this process, the audience can participate directly through public rehearsals, gaining insight into creative processes that often remain hidden behind closed doors in the professionalized music industry.

As part of the Classica series born from the festival, Anette Maiburg presents countries with their musical facets. The project premiered in 2007 with "Classica Cubana," which was awarded the "ECHO Prize" in the category of "Classical Music Without Borders" in 2009. Following Cuba, the series shed light on the music cultures of Argentina, Venezuela, Spain, France, and Brazil.

Impressions of the festival: Festival video 2021


Workshop „Songs around the world“

"Songs around the World" - A workshop project conceived by Anette Maiburg that guides students on multifaceted musical journeys through countries and cultures. Local instruments narrate stories of history. Dance and body percussion invite active participation. Author readings address intercultural themes, promoting tolerance and understanding.

Pupils dancing in the school yard
Photo: Klaus Stevens

The digital concert hall of the Niederrhein Music Festival offers teachers and students the opportunity to learn about workshop topics through videos before or after the workshop. Authentic artists from the respective countries are sensitively introduced and brought to life for students during the live workshop. This creates an enriching connection between education and vibrant musical experience.

Video-Impressionen vom Workshop „Puerto Rico“ an der Gesamtschule Jüchen (13.9.2021):

Video-Impressionen vom Workshop „Iran“ an der Gesamtschule Jüchen (20.06.2022):

Podcast „Artists around the world“

Since 2022, Anette Maiburg has been hosting the podcast for the Niederrhein Musikfestival.

This podcast shines a spotlight on the individuals behind the artists. Their visions, artistic journeys, future plans, and the ups and downs of their careers are explored.